KJEM Radio Short Essay Winner

Gina sporting her outrageous Jem shirt!

During our one year anniversary special (Feb. 7th) we asked this very short essay question to our listeners, “Why do you listen to KJEM Radio?”  The winner would receive a truly outrageous Jem t-shirt (courtesy of 80’s Tees.com).  We had several wonderful responses from our listeners, and it was difficult to choose just one.  The one we felt stood out the most was from Gina (JemGirl1978 on our TalkShoe chat).

Now if that was not enough, our very special guest Patricia Alice Albrecht (speaking voice of Pizzazz) surprised Gina by announcing she was the winner live on our show.  To cap it all off the day before that show was Gina’s birthday!  You can’t get more outrageous than that can ya? :-)  Below we have included her short essay from the contest.  Nothing has been changed this is how she wrote it.

“The reason I LOVE/listen to KJEM radio is because KJEM has become like an extended family for me every Tuesday night.  I feel like you are Family and the happiness and smile you always bring to my face no matter how tough things have gotten for me financially or emotionally.  Finding KJEM radio and knowing you guys are here to stay makes me feel TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!”

You can download and stream this contest (and Gina’s win) from our TalkShoe page (originally aired 2/12/2012).  Just scroll to down to Past Episodes.



Patricia Albrecht badge

Patricia will join Amy and Craig this Sunday at 1 PM CENTRAL on TalkShoe