Samantha Newark: Somethin’ Good

Somethin' GoodArtist: Samantha Newark
Album: Somethin’ Good
Released Year: 2011
All Songs Published: NotImpossibleSheMusic ASCAP / Dave Polich BMI
Produced by: Dave Polich
Programming by: Dave Polich
Recorded at: DCP Studios / Reseda CA 2011

Samantha’s music has been such an incredible support system for me as it’s no secret that I have lost 4 family members so close together.  And let’s face it I died a little myself when I got my divorce.  Besides the incredible support system of my friends here, Samantha’s music rescued me in away I never thought possible.  I have made it part of my daily routine to listen to her CD everyday especially the song Blue Sea.  There is something spiritual yet calming about that particular song. You know they say we cannot see Angels but I am sorry an Angel lives among us and in her music and her name is Samantha Newark.

What a stellar album!!  You can’t be in a band mood when you listen to the songs.  Somethin’ Good takes you on a musical journey in each song, and just makes you wanna get up and dance.  My all time favorite song is Blue Sea.  Musically and vocally it is so transcending, and such a song of hope.  Somethin’ Good is an album I highly recommend to anyone out there.  Whether you are a Jem fan, a music connoisseur, or just love to dance this album is for you.  In my personal opinion, your CD collection is not complete without Somethin’ Good!
–Craig Phillips, co-Host, The Truly Outrageous World of Jem on KJEM Radio

Selected Track Impressions:

I Got Everything(single)
Irresistible beat! I dare you to not want to dance to this one! It commands attention from the very first powerful note. It’s very uptempo and the vocals are terrific! I can see why Samantha chose this as the first single. Fun and sassy! It should be on the radio now! It begs to be put on repeat. I really like the echos and double vocals near the end. You can hear Sam doing her own backup vocals. Very cool. 5 out of 5 stars.

Somethin’ Good
One of my personal favorites! It pulled me in from the very first notes. I love the positive message and the way the lyrics tell a story (I go for story songs). I find this one is in my head a lot. It’s just that awesome! Somethin Good to sing along to! Great melody and again superb vocals. It has an unexpected church sounding ending, which is lovely. It’s really more than Somethin’ Good….it’s something fantastic! “Gotta believe in somethin’ good.” 5 out of 5 stars.

End of the Road
First I was struck by the unique music. Really nice! We get to hear more of Sam’s range and she effortlessly soars to notes we don’t always get to hear from her. That was a delight! At some points I noticed she almost doesn’t even quite sound like herself. What versatility! She has such a sweet but decisive quality in her voice for this song. Lovely message. 5 out 5 stars.

Blue Sea
Another favorite of mine! This song has the sweet haunting melody of a lullaby and it flows so smoothly. The range and vocal quality in this one stands out, and Samantha shines like the star she is. We get to go on a voyage with Sam and it is a trip so worth taking! Makes me want to sing along every time. Perfect! 5 out of 5!

Please Tell Me
This one got me moving – and I don’t dance, so that is not an easy thing to do! Pulsing beat. It’s got a great urgent pleading feel. It’s both original yet vaguely reminds me of some other song. I think that’s what makes a solid hit! We can definitely tell you we love you, Samantha! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Milk & Honey
Absolutely adore and get sucked in by the first few bars. If we still used the word in 2012…I’d say it was “groovy”. Samantha has this unique quality about her voice that instantly comforts me. This song is very much like honey… silky, smooth and sweet! I like the added instrumentals near the end and the vocals effects,  the singing backwards for a bit was a nice touch! 5 out of 5 stars.

Take Me As I Am
Struck me as being very cool and special right off. It’s so creative and the tempo and beat gets played with and that keeps it so interesting. I really like the honest sound and positive message. Great lyrics! And I love it when an artist can do their own harmonies and background vocals. 5 out of 5 stars.

Overall impression:
I’ve always thought music is both healing and universal. It can cheer you up, make you think, let you cry, bring people together, and get you to sing or dance. This CD really is a break through and a treat to listen to. Above all else this is from Samantha’s heart….her blood, sweat and tears went into every track. Samantha Newark has the voice of an angel!  So much so that you may begin to wonder if maybe they have a club playing Sam’s music in Heaven.
–Amy Rhoades, co-Host, The Truly Outrageous World of Jem on KJEM Radio


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