Patricia Albrecht: A Touch of Pizzazz


Artist: Patricia Alice Albrecht
Album: A Touch of Pizzazz
Release Year: 2006
Poems and Narration: Patricia Alice Albrecht
Music/Engineering: Bruce Michael Miller
© 2006 All Rights Reserved

Patricia delivers thought provoking creations in A Touch of Pizzazz.  Her words are truly inspiring, and open new doors into creativity.  Her poetry will make you laugh, tear up, and really make you think.  That is the mark of a brilliant writer.  As a long time lyricist and poet I have always searched for that spark to trigger my imagination.  That’s what I got from A Touch of Pizzazz.  Patricia’s poems opened my eyes to new possibilities, and has really helped reinvigorate my love of writing poems.  The music that was written (by her husband Bruce Michael Miller) is soft, soothing, and feels like a gentle breeze complimenting the words from Patricia’s poems.  Truly A Touch of Pizzazz is an amazing creation.
–Craig Phillips, co-Host, The Truly Outrageous World of Jem on KJEM Radio