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Breaking News: Glitter ‘N’ Gold Jem

Available at Hasbro’s 2013 San Diego Comic Con Booth #3329


This fully articulated 12-inch fashion doll features hand-applied eyelashes and pink and golden blond accented rooted hair, styled in Jem’s signature look. As a tribute to the original doll from 1986, this themed mini gift set includes two complete looks! The first look allows Jerrica Benton to attend the Glitter ‘N Gold Award Ceremony in style, while the second truly outrageous look completely transforms Jerrica into Jem, the rock ‘n roll star with a heart of gold! The gift set includes the Jem doll, two outfits, two pairs of shoes, Jemstar earrings, the Glitter ‘N Gold Award (with removable gold album), a new wireless microphone accessory, a limited edition Glitter ‘N Gold vaccu-chrome plated doll display stand and exclusive certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors ages 14 & up. Please note that Wave 1 JERRICA BENTON and GLITTER ‘N GOLD RIO PACHECO dolls are sold separately.

PURCHASE INFORMATION: This doll will be available for purchase IN PERSON ONLY directly from HASBRO at booth #3329 during Comic-Con International San Diego the weekend of July 18-21, 2013. Any remaining quantities will be available online after the show from the HASBRO Toy Shop. PLEASE NOTE: This doll is a HASBRO exclusive product and Integrity Toys will not have any quantities available for sale. The entire production run of this doll will be handled by HASBRO.

Item #14044
Glitter ‘N Gold Jem/Jerrica Benton™ Doll
2013 SDCC HASBRO Shop Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $140.00 US
Estimated Ship Date: July 2013


October 5, 2012

Integrity Toys announced today that the next line Jem and The Holograms dolls are available for pre-order at these dealers.  The suggested price is $119, and will be shipped in mid November (src: Integrity Toys Facebook Page)  This is truly outrageous news.  The new dolls look amazing.  Head over to Integrity Toys official Jem website for closeups of the dolls!


September 30, 2012

Hi KJEM Radio fans!  We have some exciting news for you.  The wonderful and generous Desiree Goyette, and her daughter have been filming JemCon 2012 for us!  Yep!  Danse herself is at this year’s JemCon.  There are a lot of videos for you to check out, and more are coming.  They have been sorted into playlists on our official KJEM Radio YouTube Channel.  So check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for new videos!

Stay Outrageous


It has just been announced the next line of Jem and The Holograms dolls are in the production stage.  This line will include: Classic Jem, Jerrica Benton, Rio Pacheco, and Synergy.  This is certainly truly outrageous news for the Jem fans around the world, and is only the beginning for the new Jem and The Hologram products.  One of the coolest things is that Jerrica will actually be a stand alone doll which has never been created before.

Check back here for more updates, photos of the new doll line, of  and additional information about this truly outrageous news!

Stay Outrageous!

Photo credit: JemsSpace

BREAKING NEWS Hollywood Jem SOLD OUT AT SDCC.  It has been confirmed that the new Hollywood Jem special edition doll from Integrity Toys has officially sold out at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.  The good folks at Hasbro were shocked that Jem sold out before The Transformers and G.I. Joe collectables they offered.  This of course was only the beginning, because there is a whole new Jem doll line that is going to be produced by Integrity Toys.  More updates to follow in the coming days.

UPDATE -7/15/2012 7:06PM CENTRAL

THIS JUST IN (Via Jem Holograms aka JemsSpace) Official Announcement from Hasbro JEM’s Brand manager!! ‘There will be an Extremely limited number of JEM dolls available at Hasbro’s online toy shop. We don’t know how many but they will go on sale there after SDCC’ — at Comic Con, San Diego Convention Center 2012.

UPDATE – 7/18/2012 10:51PM CENTRAL

KJEM Radio just found out that approximately 50 Hollywood Jem dolls were made available at the Hasbro Toy Shop web site at the opening of their business.  The information of Hollywood Jem’s listing was not made public via Twitter, Facebook, or Hasbro Toy Shop official Web site.  Fans who wanted to snag one had to watch the site this morning, but within a couple of minutes Hollywood Jem was completely sold out.  According to the certificate that each doll came with in the instruction manual there were only 500 made in total.

Keep in mind that Integrity Toys has announced that a new line Jem and The Holograms, and the Misfits dolls will be made.  They have a dedicated Web site just for that new line which you can see here.

UPDATE – 7/30/2012 3:46PM CENTRAL

As we announced on our last edition of The Truly Outrageous World of Jem, there will never again be another Hollywood Jem doll made.  There were 430 made for the SDCC, and those sold out completely by the second day.  This information was told to our source from an executive level individual in Hasbro.  This essentially was a beta test to see if Jem had a big enough fan base to justify an additional doll line.

Click the image to read the official Hasbro press release.

BREAKING NEWS: HOLLYWOOD JEM A REALITY!  Over 20 years in the making Jem fans can finally celebrate.  Hasbro along with Integrity Toys have officially announced that a new Hollywood Jem doll will be created.  This is a very limited edition (only 500 will be produced), and will only be available at this years San Diego Comic Con priced at $125.

This is also a first in a brand new Jem and The Holograms line.  Integrity Toys has stated that the next line of dolls will also be very limited and targeted towards collectors.  This is indeed very exciting news for Jem fans.  Hollywood Jem was ready for the production run in 1988 (along with The Stingers, Rama Lama, and more), but sales for the dolls started to dwindle in the 87 toy line, and the line was completely dropped.  The TV series subsequently was cancelled as well after 65 syndicated episodes (though the show was a mega hit!)  Despite all that Jem fans can rejoice that their favorite rock stars are making a huge comeback as new dolls.  Keep checking back for further details about the new Jem and the Holograms doll line.


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