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Hi KJEM Radio fans. Just so there is no confusion, The Truly Outrageous World of Jem is currently on hiatus. We’ll let everyone know when new episodes will be coming up.  In the mean time you can listen and download our past shows on Talkshoe any time you’d like.

Stay Outrageous!

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KJEM Radio On Hiatus (Returning in January)


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Hey KJEM Radio fans. Since the holidays are upon us, we’ve decided to start our hiatus and return in January 2013.  We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and may these days be filled with love and joy.

Take care everyone, and we’ll talk to you all next year :-)

Stay Outrageous!

P.S. If we have a special guest booked at any point during our break we will come back on the air for that special edition show

A Message from Louise Dorsey


“Another “out of my shell” moment thanks to Craig and Amy and some fab Jem friends.  I’m thinking I am allowed to blow my own horn once in awhile since my character on the show was all about that with her sax and sass!

Quick back story to the hour interview:
I had just driven 6 hours straight and was worried I have to do a “can you hear me now” cell phone interview on the way back from Memphis…but I skidded in the drive with 13 mins to spare…

I had a quick jump on the neighbors trampoline to get blood to my head then dashed inside to get food in me belly. Sadly, opted for micro mash and burned the roof off my mouth before dialing KJEM.

Amy and Craig soon had me pumped up and laughing out loud in my garage…I like the reverb in there. Later, I was joined by a surprise visitor who made me scream bloody murder in the middle of the interview….the poor contestant thought I was delivering a line at the time and was stumped…so tune in cuz they might just keep it in.

Happy Monday everybody…Long live the MisFits…and that other band!”